The Adriatic
Video Clips

Tuesday 4th June 2002
Arrivals at Athens Airport. Transfer:A) To Athens hotels, B) Onto flights to Corfu, & C) To the Symposium vessel Festos Palace

Corfu: Wednesday 5th June 2002
Arrivals at Athens airport and flights to Corfu all day The Symposium vessel Festos Palace will be docked at the Port of Corfu from 10:00 a.m. Participants can board during the course of the day.

13.00 Lunch (aboard or on shore)
16.00 Small boat departs for Butrint National Park, Albania, the World Heritage Site, just across the water, supported by the Butrint Foundation or Land visit to Corfu by coach
20.00 Return from Butrint to Festos Palace
21.00 Dinner (aboard or on shore)
23.30 Depart for Durres, Albania (Corfu to Durres - 135 miles)

Durres (Albania) & Kotor (Montenegro): Thursday 6th June 2002
05.30 Festos Palace docks at the Port of Durres
06.30 Breakfast
07.30 a) Land visit by coach to Porto Romano environmental site
b) The archaeological museum and the amphitheatre
(each trip 1h 30 min)
09.30 Opening Plenary: Towards an Environmental Ethic
Chaired by: HB Anastasios, Archbishop of Tirana and all Albania

12.30 Lunch with Albanian dignitaries
14.00 Departure for Kotor (Durres to Kotor - 131 miles)
Montenegrin dignitaries join boat by helicopter
15.30 2nd Plenary, Montenegro
Chaired by: Mr Thomas Spencer
20.00 Docked at Kotor
20.15 Land visit
21.30 Dinner with Montenegrin dignitaries
23.00 Depart for Split (Kotor to Split - 164 miles)

Split (Croatia): Friday 7th June 2002
06.30 Festos Palace docks at the Port of Split
07.30 Breakfast
08.30 3rd Plenary: The Igman Initiative
Chaired by: Ms Elizabeth Dowdeswell
12.30 Lunch with Bosnian and Herzegovinan and Croatian dignitaries
15.30 4th Plenary: The Concept of Stewardship - The Environment as a Gift
Chaired by: Mr Neal Ascherson
19.00 Land visit by coach to the Palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian
21.30 Dinner
22.00 Departure for Koper (Split to Koper - 214 miles)

Koper (Slovenia): Saturday 8th June 2002
7.30 Breakfast
8.00 Festos Palace docks at Koper
9.00 Land visit by coach to:
a) Postojna cave and lunch
b) Saltpans environmental site and lunch
15.00 5th Plenary: Wisdom, Knowledge and Information
Chaired by: Professor Jane Lubchenco
20.30 Dinner with Slovenian dignitaries
22:00 'Riverglass:- A River Ballet in Four Seasons' by Andrej Zdravic
23.00 Departure for Ravenna (Koper to Ravenna - 107 miles)

Ravenna (Italy): Sunday 9th June 2002
06.00 Festos Palace docks at Ravenna
06.30 Breakfast
07.45 Departure by coach for the church of Sant' Apollinare in Classe
08.30 Christian Orthodox Liturgy held by HAH The Ecumenical Patriarch
11.30 Land visit by coach to the 6th century Byzantine church of San Vitale, the 5th century Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and the 6th century Basilica of Sant' Apollinare Nuovo.
Delegates organise lunch individually

15.00 Return to the boat
17.30 6th Plenary: Preserving Choices for Future Generations
Chaired by: Professor Robert Lange
21.00 Dinner with Italian dignitaries
23.00 Departure for Venice (Ravenna to Venice - 80 miles)

Venice (Italy): Monday 10th June 2002
6.00 Festos Palace docks at Venice (Sunrise at 5.22)
7.30 Breakfast
9.00 7th Plenary: The Venetian Lagoon
Chaired by: The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Richard John C. Chartres, Lord Bishop of London
11.00 Land visit - free time; participants organise lunch individually (an option of guided tour)
17.45 Closing ceremony at Palazzo Ducale: Sacrifice, the Missing Dimension
Chaired by: HE Cardinal Roger Etchegaray
19.00 Joint Signing of the Venice Decleration at Palazzo
by HH Pope John Paul II and HAH Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
20.00 Prayers for the Environment sung by Greek Byzantine Quire directed by Lykourgos Angelopoulos at Basilica San Marco
21.00 Dinner at Palazzo Ducale hosted by HE the Mayor of Venice Signore Paolo Costa

Tuesday 11th June 2002
Departure from Venice by charter flight for Athens or regular flights to other destinations